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Blossom early, linger long

Fun facts about the trillium:

Trilliums are native lilies in the short-A Appalachians I call home. Spreading through networks of subterranean rhizomes, trilliums unfurl in lush green carpets across the forest floor. Their three-petaled blooms emerge in late March - some of the first signs of spring - and their foliage lingers through the summer and fall. Trilliums are perennial - back again and again - and incredibly resilient, living up to 25 years. Y'all knew there was going to be a metaphor, right? When I thought about naming my endurance coaching business, I wanted the name to reflect my home, the three disciplines of triathlon, and the kind of athlete I wanted to cultivate. Here on Trillium Hill (we are getting hyper local), the answer was hidden in plain sight - a petal each for swim, bike, and run, a hardy and long-lived flora that shines for all the secret work done underground, year-round. Trillium Endurance.

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